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SuperTrapp Celebrates 40 Years in Business

SuperTrapp Industries is celebrating 40 years of being a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

The history of the SuperTrapp muffler dates back to 1971 in the Davis, California garage of inventor, Paul Moller.  In the late 60’s, Moller was immersed in experimental trial of the XM-3, his early attempt at a flying automobile.  In desperate need of funds, Moller began looking for an intermediate, far easier target for his newly developed tunable disc technology.  Eventually Moller turned to a passion of his – motorcycles.  And, the SuperTrapp muffler was born, soon becoming one of the most popular aftermarket accessories ever made for motorcycles.

A signature feature of SuperTrapp exhaust systems is the patented Tunable Disc Technology which was originally created for the XDUSOR, the first motorcycle exhaust product sold by Moller in 1971.  This technology allows the rider to adapt their bike, ATV or automotive to a specific riding environment.  This is accomplished through a series of discs with a precisely aligned diameter that form the exhaust outlet.  By adding or subtracting discs, the rider can tune the power band and sound of their machine in just a few minutes with basic hand tools.

SuperTrapp began to design and manufacture an Automotive line of exhausts in the 1980’s.  Their WaveTech line is still a popular choice for sport compact imports.  With several Automotive exhaust choices, SuperTrapp exhausts can be mounted to everything from Porsches, Vettes, hot rods and everyday work commuters to sand rails, sprint cars, trucks, Jeeps and everything in between.  Their exhausts are used by the Skip Barber Racing School, so that in itself, says something.

In 1991, SuperTrapp purchased Kerker.  SuperTrapp worked to reinvigorate the brand, introducing dozens of new products since the purchase.  Kerker exhausts have long been popular with both the racing circuit and the street rider.  They deliver superior top-end power in one of the most lightweight designs available.  The Kerker brand has been implemented into the V-Twin and Metric applications as well.

The SuperTrapp brand continued to grow.  In the 1990’s, they launched their ATV line of exhausts, sponsored the Yamaha race team and for several years, sponsored the Highlifter Mud Nationals Mud Bog.  Teaming up with legendary engine-builder, Tom Carlson, was a no-brainer.  The result was the birth of TC Race Systems which remain a popular choice among sport quad riders.

They want their customers to have the best which is why they’ve invested in state-of-the-art testing and production facilities to ensure performance and quality of their products.

And, the quality and service doesn’t stop when your product leaves their facility.  They have industry veterans and motorcycle enthusiasts managing their Customer Service Department, answering live calls, e-mails and managing the SuperTrapp Support Forum.

SuperTrapp is poised to continue their legacy and deliver the best performance exhausts in V-Twin, Metric, Dirt, Sport, ATV and Automotive exhaust applications.    

More about SuperTrapp:
For 40 years and going strong, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc., the original, Tunable exhaust manufacturer, has been an industry leader with over 400 performance exhaust applications for a variety of motorcycles, ATVs and automotives. In addition to their signature tunable disc diffuser exhaust systems, SuperTrapp manufactures the Kerker brand of exhaust systems, Road Legends Series, designed by master bike builder, Paul Yaffe and TC Racing exhausts, designed by master ATV engine builder, Tom Carlson. SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. offers exhaust sound bytes, a comprehensive on-line product catalog, the SuperTrapp forum to find and receive answers to your questions 24/7, Pipeline e-newsletter registration and the “Find My Exhaust” feature which allows visitors to enter the make and model of their motorcycle, ATV or automotive to view a comprehensive list of all available products for their specific application.  

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