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Warn Industries Releases New RT15 & XT17 Portable Winch Models

Warn Industries releases new RT15 Portable Winch

The WARN RT15 Portable Winch-the latest addition to the WARN Rugged Terrain winch lineup.

The WARN RT15 Portable Winch is a small, versatile package able to pull up to 1,500 lbs.-no hard-mounting or application-specific fitment required. Simply rig the winch up with the included strap, attach it to a 12V power source, and it's ready to pull. The RT15 Portable is ideal for utility use, thanks to 25' of durable wire rope. So whether you need to move a downed tree, pull a load onto a trailer, or recover a lightweight vehicle, the RT15 Portable will get the job done. This winch, like other WARN Powersports winches, is equipped with a smooth, fast three-stage planetary geartrain, a powerful motor, an automatic load-holding disc brake, and durable contactor control. All of this is backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty and a global service organization.

In addition to the RT15 Portable, Warn Industries also offers the WARN XT17 Portable Winch as part of the Extreme Terrain winch series. The XT17 Portable is ideal for use on motorcycles, snowmobiles, and quads due to its 40' of lightweight, easy-to-handle synthetic rope, which lowers the winch's weight to a scant 8.5 lbs. It has a pulling capacity of 1,700 lbs., and has the option of controls on the winch or controls on the vehicle.

Portable Winch Accessories
A number of accessories are available that allow users to get the most out of their WARN Portable winches. This includes stow plates, rigging kits, winch covers, and more.